NNPC Industrial Training / Internship Ultimate guide with Engr. Uche

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We have received lots of commendation from our users, many have already secured two to three internship positions for their 6 months SIWES. Some are still searching, hoping to find companies where they would be paid reasonably, establish connections, network properly, go for field work, see how theories studied in school finds practical application, enjoy free internet etc. In this post, we will be x-raying nnpc industrial training application.

In a bid to answer some questions about the NNPC industrial training/SIWES and to give our viewers a clearer picture of what the 400L SIWES looks like in NNPC, we selected a prominent final year student who interned at  NNPC oil company in Abuja.

Today, our resource person is Mr. Uchenna Ndubuisi, a final year student from the department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Technology Owerri. Who interned at NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Commission), Abuja. He enlightened us on how to obtain the internship position at NNPC. The aim of the interview conducted with Mr. Uche is to answer the following questions:

  • How did you get to apply seeing that there are little or no resources online for NNPC SIWES / industrial training?
  • Which fields/courses are eligible to intern at nnpc?
  • When do applications start?
  • How were you selected?
  • What are the criteria for selection?
  • Was there a selection test, if yes what are they?
  • What benefits were accrued as a consequence of the internship?
  • From your experience, what do you think these companies require from us?

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Mr. Uche Ndubuisi. Mechanical Engineering, FUTO

NAME: Mr. Uchenna Ndubuisi

Course: Mechanical Engineering

Institution: Federal University of Technology Owerri


Position: Engineering intern


  • How do you apply for NNPC Siwes / internship?

Application is handwritten and must be submitted to any of their branches nationwide.

  • How did you get information on this internship offer?

Informal source, from someone working  in the company.

  • When do they start applications?

As at 2017, it was May/June.

  • What are the required documents
  1. Student ID card
  2. School fee receipt
  3. Handwritten application letter (See how to write a seducing resume/cv)
  4. Passport photograph
  5. School I.T letter

Was there a selection test?


What then is the criteria for selection?

No one can explicitly say, but amongst all, one can rightly suggest:

Which courses are eligible for NNPC internship?

There are sections for a wide range of courses in sciences, engineering and other related fields.

Do they provide accommodation for interns?


From your experience, what do you think can get someone into NNPC as a staff?

Your academic qualification – minimum of 2nd Class upper division

Your creativity, ability to challenge conventions and profer solutions to problem

The usual Nigerian style (K.S)

What functions/role did you perform over there?

I worked as an engineering intern, apart from administrative works, we engaged in field trips supervised by an engineer, one interesting thing is that you get to see the theories finding practical applications in an industry.

What was your major achievement?

Apart from networking with great minds, getting to work with the allen engine and seeing the physical implementation of the diesel cycle, rankine cycle was just amazing.

An allen diesel engine

What is the secret of having a successful internship?

Having a good boss.

What benefits did you derive from nnpc?

  • An unlimited access to the internet
  • A salary of NGN19,800
  • Networking with engineers and managers

Will you work with me(Mbscholars) to provide us with the information once application commences?

Yea, sure.

Closing Notes

If you are able to obtain an internship in NNPC, be loyal to everyone, have good personality traits, show the right attitude at all times, it may be your chance for getting an upper hand in the petroleum industry, make friends with the staff and be curious to learn.

The truth still remains that getting an internship in an oil firm is not usually the best alternative for those who want to learn much skills. You can end up learning nothing if you do not compel yourself to learn from the workers who may not be willing to share their knowledge.

Companies today are facing serious challenges that demands a lot from us. Our ability to profer solutions to these problems lies on how well you have internalised your course of study. Take your studies seriously and develop your skills, not only on academics but also in communication, speaking, networking etc.

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