Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Best Things To Do in Salzburg Tour

Salzburg is one of the most renowned cities in Austria and Europe, and has possibly the best-preserved old town centre full of beautiful baroque architecture which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This charming Austrian town is most famous for being the birthplace of the classical composer Mozart, but has so much more in terms of historical sights and fun attractions. The list below details the top things to do in Salzburg and contains a wide variety, from Museums and Gardens to Churches and Mountains.

1. Salzburg Fortress

Otherwise known as Hohensalzburg Castle, this imposing Fortress sits in a dominating position on top of the Festungsberg Hill and has been a major power hive for the rulers of Salzburg since the 1000’s.

2. Salzburg Old Town

One of the largest UNESCO World Heritage sights by area, the Salzburg Old town or Altstadt encompasses many of the City’s main sights and is full of historical buildings, beautifully designed squares and quaint little side-streets leading off to forgotten corners.

3. Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Salzburg is not short on historical buildings and gardens, but the Mirabell Palace is outstanding and is one of the finest in Austria.Listed as a cultural heritage monument, the Palace was built in 1606 and was used mainly as a pleasure palace.

4. Mozart’s Residence

Wherever you go in Salzburg, the influence and fame of Mozart is apparent – Born in a small house originally, the family moved to what is now known as “Mozarts Wohnhaus” in Makartplatz.The building was reconstructed as closely as possible to the original design after its destruction during World War II and is now open as a museum.

5. Hellbrunn Castle/Palace

Located in the southern Morgz district of Salzburg, Hellbrunn Castle or Palace is surrounded by a beautiful park and also has the Salzburg Zoo close by.Created in the 1600’s as a residential villa much like Mirabell Palace, Hellbrunn has a lively yellow rendering and its front façade is fully symmetrical.

6. Salzburg Cathedral

A fine example of a Baroque Cathedral, the Salzburg Cathedral is located in an enclosed square next to the Salzburg Residenz and St.Peter’s Abbey, creating a lovely historical area to visit.

7. Neugebäude

The Neugebäude or New Residence is a beautiful building in its own right and has halls decorated with Stuccos from the 1600’s and also hosts the Salzburg Museum but the main draw is the musical Glockenspiel.

8. Getreidegasse

This famous and popular street runs for a stretch in the old town and is a standout destination for shopping.The narrow street has many buildings packed together that stretch far back and have beautiful designs and quaint little windows.

9. Toy Museum

You may think that a Toy Museum is purely for children, well the Salzburg Toy Museum thinks otherwise.Located close to  Mozartplatz and Mirabell Palace, this fantastical place will provide hours of fun and wonder for children and adults alike.

10. Mozartplatz Square

Buried right in the centre of the Old Town, Mozartplatz is a peaceful square dominated by an ornate Bronze statue of the square’s namesake that was unveiled in the presence of his sons in the 1800’s.

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