Saturday, November 28, 2020

Canada’s High Demand Technological Opportunities Available

Experts start this year with a prediction of high-demand technical jobs in the Canadian tech job market as the country starts looking for more professionals in this field.

The current gaps in the country’s technology sector, particularly its labour market, have prompted several immigration initiatives in regions of British Columbia alongside Ontario with the aim of intensifying efforts. recruitment. Last year, the well-known regional applicant program (BC PNP) had to extend the pilot program until around June, while the OINP or Ontario Immigrant Nominee program began to attract applicants from foreign countries. with applicable technical expertise.

Several human resources consulting firms have made their 2020 forecasts for the most demanded jobs, as well as the income and skills on their sites. Yet Randstad Canada has published one of the most commendable of all.

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In Canada, technological jobs are considerably profitable and in addition to numerous on the job market. Currently, the average annual income for an individual employee is approximately $ 81,750.

The lowest figure you could expect was a base salary of $ 55,000, when it could reach $ 140,000, sometimes even more if your work is profitable enough.

“Everyone with technological know-how, especially in popular languages ​​like Java, Python and other equivalent programs, has different employers in different major cities in Canada,” reads Randstad’s web page.

Popular technical courses

The following eight vacancies are expected to be in demand, particularly in Canada this year, as Randstad points out:

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Web administrator

Web managers try to make sure everything works transparently for customers and employees. They supply the computer system to the employer and his organization, supervise the servers and the system components.

Quality Control Examiner

This position should also be incredibly popular this year. Quality control reviewers ensure that the program is user-friendly and bug-free.

System Analyst

System analysts analyze, compare and understand the huge amounts of data that companies collect to effectively manage businesses. Increased demand for this position is expected, as businesses become increasingly dependent on data and information.

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Programmers and developers

There is a lot of demand for experienced developers who have both front-end and back-end skills, but programming and coding skills are more desirable everywhere. Employers are looking for expert developers with the experience and expertise required in common programming languages, including Python, NET and Java.

IT Project Manager

The demand for this well-paid computer station has been increasing for the past year. Managers are looking for people with management skills in projects and in particular for PMP, PMI or Agile license practitioners.

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IT Business Analyst

Any analyst specializing in software and technical analysis is likely to be in high demand. Their main tasks are the design, development and optimization of businesses and software for simple and efficient operation.

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Senior Program Engineer

The demand for coding skills and developers is particularly high at the highest level. “An employer is looking for candidates who already have a lot of experience and skills, which is a better alternative to hiring and developing junior and intermediate engineers.”

Practical Customer Service Expert

Technically skilled and talented customer service workers are very popular in 2020. Experts and professionals who can help and support customers and businesses need to be available to deal with hardware, software, or technical problems.

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