Exxon Mobil Shortlisted candidates, what to do next?

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We have gotten confirmed information that Exxon Mobil has shortlisted Second batch candidates for her 2019 industrial training screening test, it will be taking place on the 8th of this month at different locations across the country. The time has come again for new victors to emerge into the prestigious Exxon Mobil company to kick start their career in one of the biggest oil companies in the world.

Exxon Mobil exposes you to a global and wholesome experience in the industry, and you will be wise not to jeopardize this opportunity if you were shortlisted, this is what you have to do next, to ensure your success in the forth coming screening exams. Prepare with the past questions, the 2018 internship screening provided us with a clue as to how the examination looks like, we were able to skim through our past questions gallery to discover where questions were picked from and thus far, we have come up with the following file recommendations as being absolute for preparing for the test. All files can be downloaded automatically, for all those who are registered users in Mbscholars library, you can download the file free of charge.


These past questions are recommended for 2019 Exxon Mobil screening test. Thank us later.


You can also get the newly updated ones, based on the experiences of those that wrote in the first batch last 2 weeks, we have updated them. But its not totally free this time

To get  all these questions and many more, both old and New in PDF directly to your mail, or via Whatsapp for yourself: Whatsapp this Number: 07065910409 and indicate your interest. If not interested, DO NOT WHATSAPP!

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20 thoughts on “Exxon Mobil Shortlisted candidates, what to do next?

    1. check your mail.. the invitation should be there.. although not everybody was shortlisted together.. some of us would write on a later date.. June 1st

  1. Pls I just seen the mail now and they said deadline to fill the form and submit was yesterday…pls I there any hope for me??? Cuz I have just submitted the form now…how will I get mail back where the venue and time of the test is..thanks…

    1. There might be hope for you because I received a text this morning saying that the text has been postponed till june 8th

  2. So, I’ve written the test, although the shape part was kind of dicey. Can I know when the results and screening would happen

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