2019: 20 NEW Strategies to make money on campus as a student

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I have read some articles that flood the internet about making money on campus but permit me to say that,  they to an extent are now becoming obsolete, new means of making money have been developed as a result of technology and their rates of turnover  is higher than the conventional means.

The truth is, apart from scholarships so many ways of making money on campus seen on the internet do not work in Nigeria, so my focus in this article is to provide you with proven and sure ways you can use to make money in Nigeria as a student in Nigerian institutions.


One major breakthrough our generation still need to explore further is in the invention of blockchain technology which forms the backbone behind cryptocurrencies. However, after the surge of bitcoin, thousands of other cryptocurrencies have surfaced, making it confusing for the unskilled trader or newbie to know what to look out for. Planticoin is one cryptocurrency I am currently looking into and it has showed 200% increase since I last visited. Once I am done with my analysis and review I will develop a guide about it, hopefully it will be our own turn to reap millions. Investing in cryptocurrencies is a very good and proven way to earn online but its a little expertise to make the most out of it.


This is also one way to make it big easily, however it presents a challenging atmosphere that may require training, experience, perseverance and fortitude to get the best result, gladly, there are a lot of training communities online with proven results that you can enrol in. Foreign Exchange is gradually becoming a enclosure of youths who spend so much time studying the market. Unless you want to be an investor, you may not actually use the skills in any other sphere of business.



A tutoring job can range between teaching your current level mates or lower levels, you only need to master a few tough courses if you want to make the highest turnover. You can organize tutorials and charge them tokens for it. Your success in this endeavour depends on how good you are.


Students are more than willing to add more skills to their degree/certificate. You can provide training services on current ict trends or top skills (web development, java, app development, embedded systems, solar designs etc). It only demands that you have the skills you want to impact or know someone that does.


Ranging from passports to edited photos. Students especially the female sect are always on it to take studio pictures, all you need is a good knowledge of an image editing software like photoshop.


You can provide these services and make good money. Ranging from online registrations of post utme, scholarships etc. All you need is the gadgets.

Graphics Designing

This requires a good knowledge of graphics, fellowships, institutes and even departments can contact you to provide them with good designs for their cards, banners etc. You need a good network if it will work out well.


Branding / customization of shirts  for fellowships, churches, politicians, faculties, business start ups is now becoming rampant  on campus. Engaging in this can fetch you real money.


While blogging is considered at first as a very tech intensive stuff by some people, it is actually the easiest work you can do online and earn real cash. To succeed in this, you need to be backed up by serious blogging strategies. You can start a blog  with blogger or wordpress free platforms (and make good money on campus) if you are scared of web hosting.

Website Design/ maintenance/ coding

Getting this skill is not difficult at all, it just requires time and effort. You can get a good knowlegde of html,css,php and javascript which are the tools you need to master. with this, you can offer web services to students and make good money on campus.

Portable POS

Students are now finding it difficult to stand in banks or on long ATM queues to withdraw funds, you can offer withdrawing services right on campus. Charging them extra cash for any withdrawals they make. This can fetch you money in campus


This is a new and fast growing job opportunity. All you need is an active social presence and a good digital marketing skill. Soon we will be offering a course on digital marketing and blogging. Take for instance: Get 100,000 visits to your website for just NGN30,000 –is a striking headline for you to earn real cash. Just be capable enough, with good network, you will succeed.


If you have the ability to properly and magically mix words together, you can keep a reader in suspense. You enjoy writing and narrating events, then you are good enough to apply. There are some good companies that pay amazingly for just writing unique contents. You can earn real money on campus just by working online.


In Nigerian institutions, girls are always competing to look beautiful to please the guys..yea… seriously (no offense intended). They don’t mind changing their hair style every week. You can make use of this opportunity to offer fashion services like plaiting of hair, selling fashionable attires etc


There are many products that thrive well on campus, they include: wears, books, accessories, academic materials, digital electronics, phones, shirts etc. You can make huge profit because you are not incurring rental costs, advertising costs – social media like whatsapp can get you all the clients you need.


This would require a little bit of technical knowledge, if you know how to solve some minor laptop problems. How to troubleshoot, repair, modify system settings whether software(which is usually the case) or hardware, you are bound to earn real cash from it on campus


You can register as an agent in jumia or konga, all you need is a good network and letting people have an idea of the services you are performing. You earn good commissions for each sale you make.

DRY Cleaning Agents

This is one major way you can earn on campus, you can automate the system using the web or an app, (you can contact me if you need a website, blog or an app). All you need is a network and an easy access.



I do not want to say anything about this for you know exactly what it means.


Yes, politics. I never said embezzle money o .

Others include:

  • barbing,
  • decorating,
  • cake baking etc.

Do you know of any other means? Add using the comment box.



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