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Newcastle – A City Of Tradition, History And Enchanting Attractions

A metropolitan region of the Tyne and Wyne rivers surrounds Newcastle – a city in the North East of England with a number of prominent attractions, buildings, cultural centers, and vibrant nightlife. The city that was once the center of the wool trade has grown into a leading coal mining area developed in the 16th century. In addition, Newcastle was also known as the world’s largest shipbuilding and ship repair areas that put this metropolis on the map. However, the city has grown since the early centuries, but still remains one of the major developed areas of England.

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Newcastle has some important elements, such as the Newcastle United F.C. Newcastle Brown Ale, a top-notch football team, one of the world’s leading beer brands, the Tyne Bridge with some of the world’s most influential marathons and the famous Great North Run introduced in 1981. This city that embraces history and tradition offers the traveler with many activities, culture and more.

Newcastle Top Attractions – Must See

One of the most beautiful cities in Britain, Newcastle is known for its ultimate nightlife, shops, clubs, bars, casinos, museums, parks, churches, beaches and much more.

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Newcastle is a city in North East England. The city is counted for both natural beauty and progress. It is a hub for the trade-in wool and coal mines. The city is blessed with a very rich cultural heritage and historical monuments. The city is close to the shipyard and river, which gives the city immense beauty and glossary.

Attractions in Newcastle

There are many great places in the city for your entertainment. You should not be given the time to visit all the places, but there are many places you must visit.

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Theater Royal

this place contains a creamy layer of drama, music, folk shows for the visitors. You will enjoy seeing the shows in this place. Many special bands visit this place for their shows.

The Biscuit Factory

This place is also a wonderful site to visit. There are many exhibitions in the city. You will love to visit this place.

Laing Art Gallery

This gallery is a place with the ultimate collection of contemporary art, paintings and other things. There are also many exhibitions at the venue.

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The Cathedral Church of Saint Nicholas

This church is a quiet place and home to Jesus. You feel the peace in your soul and mind. In addition, there are many natural views and restaurants in the city.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

This is one of the best places in the country. It was built by the world-famous architecture and engineers.
Baltic Center: – it is built on a south bank of the River Tyne. It’s a beautiful place and also has great exhibits of innovative items.

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