NLNG Scholarship Application 2019/2020 Ongoing. Apply

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NLNG Scholarship is an annual scholarship program for undergraduates that pays a whooping sum of NGN300,000. The NLNG Scholarship is a very competitive scholarship program that targets the best of the best.  The Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas invites applications from suitably qualified Students in 100 Level (first year) for its 2019 Undergraduate scholarship award. All application portals close Monday, 13 May 2019. Towards the end of this post are some outlined application tips from old applicants, you should do well to see it before tendering your applications.

In this post notification, we will be considering the following additional points as we deem it fit to let our users get some extra information that will give them an edge above their mates.

  • What does NLNG Scholarship Selection process look like
  • Why most people do not get selected after applications
  • How to apply for NLNG Scholarship 2019
  • Other ongoing scholarship programs offered by NLNG

General Information about NLNG Scholarships 2019 /2020

The NLNG Scholarship scheme was founded as a critical component of education intervention programme for our host communities in 1998 and later opened up to the rest of Nigeria in 2003.

A total of 2,833 undergraduates from various universities in Nigeria have benefited from the scholarship scheme with a spend of over N600 million. The introduction of online application and use of social media (Facebook) for information dissemination in 2012 made the selection process more efficient and cost effective, and increased awareness. The value of the scholarship has been reviewed upward from N100, 000 to N300, 000 per awardee for an academic year and it runs throughout the duration of the student’s course.
Apart from the undergraduate scholarships,NLNG offers the following scholarship programs):
  1. NLNG post primary scholarships
  2. NLNG undergraduate scholarships
  3. NLNG overseas post graduate scholarships
  4. NLNG cadet scholarships

What documents are required for a successful NLNG Scholarship application

Clear scanned copies of the following documents are required for NLNG Scholarship 2019/2020:

  • Passport sized photograph
  • WASC or NECO result
  • JAMB result
  • University admission letter
  • University student ID Card
  • LGA letter of identification

What is NLNG Scholarship Selection Process like

Previously tests were being conducted in various centers however from the 2018/2019 NLNG Scholarship, selections were made without tests. If you would like to review the 2018 NLNG Scholarship application and issues encountered see this post and be sure to read through the comment sections if any to get feedback from users.

Why people do not get shortlisted for NLNG Scholarship applications

Over the years, it has been a common notion from candidates not getting shortlisted (i.e selected for the next screening).

Normally, after submitting applications, the applications are reviewed under some defined parameters and applications that meet the requirements are selected for further screening. We have already written about reasons why you may not get shortlisted and the things that if you do, you are sure of not being shortlisted, be sure to see it. However, in addition to that, you should take note of the following mistakes that can disqualify you:

  1. Incomplete applications
  2. Disobedience to instructions specified by the advertisement.

However, truth be told; If you want to be selected for this program, you have to:

  • Outstanding  O level results
  • Amazing JAMB score.
  • You should be in your 100 level (first year) in the university,
  • You shouldn’t be under any scholarship scheme or program.
  • Your parents or any relative should not be a staff of The Nigerian LNG limited.

How to apply for 2019 NLNG Scholarship program

Any prospective beneficiary must:

  1. Have excellent/ very good West African School Certificate (WASC) or National Examination Council Result at ONE Sitting
  2. Have a top score at the Joint Admission & Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination
  3. Be a certified full time year one student of any Nigerian University at the time of application
  4. Not be on any other scholarship award from other companies or agencies
  5. Not be a spouse, child, ward or direct relation of staff of Nigerian LNG limited

Procedure to submit applications

  • Interested persons should visit to apply.
  • Click on the “Our CSR” menu to select “Education
  • from the drop down menu, click on  “Scholarships” link and then on the “Undergraduate link” to access the application portal,
  • All applications must include the documents specified in the previous section.

How much do NLNG Scholarship pay awardees

NLNG scholarship has been a little bit unstable following their inconsistency in some sessions like 2014/2015, this session 2019/2020 is very lucky to see nlng scholarship application in their time. From past records, NLNG Scholarship pays #300,000 per annum to deserving students. We have also received new information that the new pay was reduced to #150,000. 

Application Tips for those applying for NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship 2019

Yesterday, we got a notification alerting us of some uncommon information and insight for all those who are applying for NLNG undergraduate scholarship, this is not known to majority of the applicants,  but we are more interested in helping you succeed than in hoarding information. So take a look at these application tips from an old applicant.

  1. Ensure you apply using your school ID Card, even if you do not have one and you intend using another document to substitute, make sure you attach any valid identification like National ID Card, from his experience, 100+ students from his school applied without the school ID card substituting it with various documents and none out of the 100 was shortlisted, so if you can get access to a school id card, that will be very good.
  2. NLNG scholarship board are very strict with shortlisting. If you disobey the rules, just forget it, you cannot be shortlisted
  3. Make sure your LGA Identification letter has a passport photograph with the stamp of your local Government on it, whether this is considered for shortlisting is yet unknown but the physical verification pays keen attention to it.
  4. If an application letter is demanded as it was last year, ensure it is written and void of grammatical blunders of any sort.

We trust that victors will come from those reading this post today. Do not forget to share with your friends, you may be helping someone’s career.

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