Tech: 5 Ways to always get Extra Money as a student

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As school finally resumes, a lot of financial demands come up as you have to pay for one thing or the other. On the other hand, many other impulse expenses that you didn’t plan for will arise. As a student, you need to look good, take yourself for shopping or buy that Gucci shoe. Where will all these money come from when you only receive 10-20k for the whole month? Let me quickly show you some of the ways I practiced to ensure I always had extra cash for both important needs and for balling.

Before I proceed, I will be speaking in a Master Class Webinar with other young entrepreneurs about how we successfully made money on campus as students. Click here JOIN THE WEBINAR.  I will quickly explain 5 ways to keep money in your pocket. Are you ready? Let’s roll.


5 Ways to Get Extra Cash as a student



A lot of times as a student, you notice that you have a lot of money especially at the beginning of the month when you just receive alert from home but a few days later, all the money is gone and you can’t say exactly what took all the money and you now have very little money to survive the rest of the month. Imagine you had a way of saving a part of that money daily or weekly so that you can use it when you are broke? Imagine saving #200 daily, by semester ending when you are broke, you have about #18000 plus interest waiting for you.

Piggy Vest is an app/platform that helps you save money little by little over a period of time and collect the money when you need it plus interest. Your bank pays you a maximum of 4% interest , they will still collect ATM maintenance fee and it’s all gone. PiggyVest gives you 12% interest without any charge. Guess what, you earn #1000 instantly for saving with piggyvest if someone referred you and you use his number as referral.Click here to start saving with piggybank   Don’t forget to use my number 07030817535 as your referral at least for sharing this knowledge.  Check out this my article HOW PIGGYVEST WORKS to understand fully how it works. Join our Whatsapp group – to ask your questions.


Recently SME data business has been buzzing and i personally keyed into it and got quite a lot of money to keep myself comfortable in school. SME databundles are special data plans and bundles for Businesses and resellers to enable easy sharing of the data. Thus you buy the data in blocks and sell to your friends,families,collegues. You can make as much as #5000 daily in this business. Imagine buying 10GB at #5000. The cost price for 1gb will be #500, You can now sell to your friends at #600 to #700 and your profit will range from #1000 to #2000. Imagine selling to 20 persons daily. You don’t need any extra gadget to start reselling, just your phone. In the webinar JOIN WEBINAR HERE, I will also explain the details of how to get started and start making cool cash for yourself as a reseller.


In our today’s world especially on campus, any skill or service that you can offer, you get paid for it easily because of the large available market on campus. What are you good at? What need/problem can you identify that people around you have and how can you solve it. In this 21st century, Knowledge and skill is key. At a point I noticed that students had problem paying school fees in the bank due to long queues and at the same time were afraid to pay online out of fear. All I did was to collect their money into my account and help them pay online from my account and charged them for it. Imagine how much i made that day just sitting on my laptop and clicking a few buttons. I remember paying #7000 to my roommate just to sew Ankara for me. You can learn a skill and start using it and you get paid for it. You can learn baking, sewing, hairdressing, blogging, web design, programming, digital marketing online and start making money on campus. In the webinar JOIN WEBINAR HERE, you will be given an exposure into all the possible skills that you can learn to start making extra cash.

Start a Blog / Vlog / Social Media Marketing

Imagine making a minimum of $20 daily ie 20 x 365 = 7300 daily, #146,000 monthly just writing articles/news/posting videos on youtube. How did you think Emmanuella Comedy, Linda Ikeji  made a lot of money without working for oil companies? You too can start your own blog and make a lot of money. A lot of companies now have social media handlers who are paid heavily to manage social media. Imagine being paid #200000 to manage GTbank’s twitter handle. All you need to get start is to choose a niche for yourself (topic of interest), get a suitable name, get a paid hosting or free hosting at and you are on your way to millions. However we have a special Blogging training for beginners which will kick off soonest by March. You can Join us here:




Many at times, we don’t realise how much we spend on airtime and data. We spend most of our time talking on the phone or chatting without realising how much it takes away from our pocket. Imagine recovering some part of that money back for yourself? With JUMIAONE App, I get 5% back on all my recharges plus 10% extra credit to call any network. Thus in a month if I spend #5000 on airtime, I get #250 + #500 back. Overtime you realise that you are making a lot of money back. Get the app here and start earning.


All these and many more we will be discussing in our Free Master Class Webinar tagged “Making Extra Cash as a Student- MECW 1.0”. Click here to Join:


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