How to win Nigerian Scholarships in 2019 – Ultimate Revelation

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For freshers, you might be a little flabbergasted when you hear that a company can pay you annually just so you can read. Well, that is no longer news as we are partakers of the hypothesis.


By the end of this post, it is just impossible to hear that you could not win at least one of out over 90+ scholarships available for Nigerian students. Why? This article covers everything you need to know including the nature of questions you are asked and pdf materials you can use to prepare, to position yourself for a year of endless victories.


This post is birthed out from a wide range of experiences from inception to the just concluded 2018 scholarship programs, crafted specifically to the freshman, 100 and 200Level students,  students from polytechnic and colleges of education.


Before going through this article, grab a cup of coffee and take your time to read every letter to the end, because in this article contains the very ingredient you need to smile by December 2019. We drop new guides every year: See the guide for 2018 


Let’s step on the gas.

SIDE NOTE: THE 5 TOP  Scholarships in Nigeria and their total pay

PTDF 2,000,000
MTN Foundation 800, 000
SHELL/SPDC 600, 000
TOTAL E & P 600, 000


Brief Introduction to Nigerian Scholarships

Scholarship programs are given out by companies as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to facilitate the education and skill of their country of operation. However, not just companies, individuals, Churches, Muslim Community, Foundations, the Government also give out scholarships to students.

Eligibility Requirements

Generally speaking, to be eligible for most of the scholarship programs,

  1. You should be a registered full time student in an accredited Nigerian university, polytechnic or college of education, for jambites and pre-university students, see your eligible scholarships programs
  2. Studying in the field as specified by the individual scholarship program
  3. Must be a Nigerian

How do you win scholarship(s) in Nigeria?

Restrictions are placed on the number of scholarship awards you can win, this restrictions become detrimental if the scholarship program(s) in question is organized by the same  joint venture. Example, winning Agbami and Chevron scholarship or SPDC and SNEPCO can lead to automatic disqualification of both. You will actually be warned during application.


However, you can win multiple scholarships from different ventures. For instance, you can win Agbami, SPDC and MTN foundation too.

Conventional Scholarship Process in Nigeria

To win scholarships in Nigeria, you need to understand the process:

There are categorically five  stages involved:

  1. Publication and Application
  2. Shortlisting / Selection
  3. Screening
  4. Award
  5. Payment / Bursary

Let’s take a deeper look into the items because your success depends on them.

1.Publication and Application

First, you need to register to be notified via email or sms whenever a new application starts, its free, do not worry, just enter your email address below and confirm the subscription by clicking on the verification link on the email we will send to you.

We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. Read our Privacy Policy.

We take it as a responsibility to notify you of their commencement. Publications are usually advertised on the company’s website, national dailies, scholastica etc.

In application, you should start getting ready the following documents now as they are often required for applications.

  • Jamb Admission Letter
  • University admission letter
  • University Identification Card
  • Official Passport photograph with white background
  • National Identification Number (NIN) (See how to get your NIN)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Letter from Chief / Village head / Community Leader (LGA Certificate can suffice for most cases)
  • WAEC Result
  • Jamb Result

Your chances for being shortlisted / selected for screening depends largely on the authenticity, clearance and timeliness of your application. You will be required in most cases to provide scanned copies of the documents listed above.

You can improve your chances of being shortlisted by following the guidelines listed in this article: “Why you will not be shortlisted for scholarship screening”.  To be on the safe side,

Your scanned documents should be

  • Coloured (to be taken as original)
  • In JPEG / PDF Format
  • Clear
  • Passports should be recent, coloured with white background and not your secondary school passport
  • Between 200KB – 1MB


After you have submitted your application during the “window period”, the window is closed and the main deal starts: scrutinizing applications to select students for the next stage of the screening operation. After this stage, a list of students will be released, these people are said to be shortlisted / selected from the crowd of applications.

What decides who get selected?

Over the years and due to the experiences that I have gathered, I have come to the conclusion that the following factors have a role to play in who gets shortlisted, while this may not hold true for every scholarship program available as each program possesses their own uniqueness, you would be most prudent to consider it.

  • Authenticity of documents / Document forgery
  • Academic performance
  • Course of study
  • Institution / School
  • Clarity of documents
  • Time of application
  • Language of application
  • State / Local Government of Origin
  • Quality of Essay
  • Multiple applications (this attracts disqualification)
  • Adherence to stipulated  rules etc

If you finally get selected, you should rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for you now stand a 70% chance of receiving the award, but if you are a member of mbscholars, you should be 90% glad because we equip our users with information that will make them stand out in the test.


This is the hot seat: the ultimate determinant of the award list. Usually, exams will be conducted and winners announced after a time, times and time. Lolz

Notwithstanding, last year 2018, we discovered that a couple of scholarship programs did not conduct any test (SPDC and Jim Ovia to mention a few). They only reviewed applications and made their judgements.

Nature of the screening test.

The screening examination is mostly aptitude tests which appears simple but complicated once you start thinking about it. The question may appear simple but do not be deceived, there are procedures in tackling each model of question. I always recommend Gmats for boosting your aptitude.

Take a look at the question below:

The length of a rectangular field is 5cm, the area is twice its perimeter. Find the width of the field.

If you solve, Paste the solution in the comment box.

Check out this real life simulation of a typical undergraduate scholarship test online

The Sections of the test:

Collectively speaking, the aptitude test sections for undergraduate scholarship comprises of the following sections:

  1. Verbal Reasoning / English test
  2. Numerical Reasoning / Mathematics Test
  3. General Knowledge Test
  4. Abstract Reasoning / Spatial Reasoning
  5. Information Technology (For MTN Foundation)
  6. Current affairs

Verbal Reasoning: Here you may be tested on:

  • Comprehension (short passages to deduce completions)
  • Word Usage
  • Sentence Completion
  • Proper use of tenses including prepositions, adjectives and other parts of speech
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Word Spelling: Identification words spelt incorrectly

If you are grounded in the above, you have nothing to worry about in this section, but for engineering students like us, this is our Achilles heel, our strength is the numerical section.

Numerical Reasoning test: In the numerical reasoning section, you may see some of the following:

  • Sequences and Series
  • Simple and Compound interest
  • Permutation and Combinations
  • Profit and Loss
  • Ratios and percentages
  • Data analytic and comparison questions from charts
  • Sets and set theorem
  • Elementary Indices and logarithm

If you are not conversant with the above topics, do not wait till tomorrow hurry now to mbscholars library and grab a copy of Gmats, it is free for registered users.

Abstract Reasoning

This tests your ability to observe patterns. You can check out abstract reasoning tests to grab familiarization on time. It is most popular in internship screening tests and dragnet powered scholarship exams.

Some Resources you need to beat records:

Despite these, please take note of the following information about some unique scholarship programs:

  • Total Undergraduate Scholarships has its exam set by WAEC
  • PTDF Undergraduate Scholarship exam looks like Jamb
  • Federal Government undergraduate Scholarship has taken Jamb format also.


The award process is actually a bit tedious on their part and you will have to be prayerful too. Take a look at this detailed article that explains the process and how to know you have been awarded (using Agbami and Chevron as case study)

This time, you have successfully passed the test but a thorough verification will be conducted on your credentials, I always advise students to use their actual GP not formulating high GPAs to be shortlisted, those records will be sent to your school without your notice for verification.

If successful, you would receive the award letter via email or through your institution and required in most cases to maintain a minimum GP so as to remain eligible for annual payment.

There may be an award ceremony (in case of MTNFoundation)

We pray this year 2019 will make these awards a reality.

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  1. So,how many questions in each section that we are to be tested in?and how many questions in general and the time made avaliable as well?

    1. This actually depends on the scholarship program in question, but usually you are given 10 questions in each section which may amount to 20 or 30 questions in all

  2. Good day sir/ma, for this Presco oil & gas scholarship, what are the subjects we’ll be tested in? And how many questions are we going to be asked?

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